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Closed slipper in TNT(Nonwoven), unique size, with pink sides. Ideal when the client has to walk through the institute.Colour: white.

Charlottes en TNT. Emballé individuellement.Quantité : 100 pièces

"Polythene sheets to envelopment, high density. For "fango" and other treatments.Dimensions : 200 cm x 160 cm"

Pants disposable non-woven cloth waterproofed with elastic waist and shape of the feet.Pressotherapy used, thus avoiding contaminating the boots pressotherapy.Pack of 10 pieces.

Manufactured in TNT(Nonwoven). Very Hygienic and practical, can be used for all body treatments : depilation, sun tanning, modelling, etc. Is fixed around the waist with an elastic.Colors: nig

Waterproof sandals, unique size. Ideal when the customer has to walk through the institute.Color: white

Towel disposable tray 45cm x 80cm Disposable TNT (Non Woven Fabric)4 good reasons for choosing the disposable- 50% cheaper than the cost of maintaining a cotton towel<b

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items